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Doggy Wonderland: Dog Training, Dog Grooming & Dog Care Services 
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Welcome to Poochtopia Your Dog Care Grooming and training Destination in Fulham, London!

At Poochtopia, we understand that your furry companion is more than just a pet, they're a cherished member of your family. That's why we've created a haven dedicated to providing exceptional dog training, dog care and professional dog grooming services right here in the heart of Fulham, London.

Poochtopia is all about creating a warm and welcoming experience for your beloved furry friends. We take immense pride in offering exceptional and customised dog services at prices that won't break the bank. Nestled in the heart of Fulham, our genuine passion for dogs shines through in everything we do. Our commitment is to provide the absolute best services we can, tailored to meet the individual needs of both dogs and their owners, no matter the challenge. The happiness and satisfaction of our customers mean the world to us, and we're always here to lend a helping paw whenever they need us.


When you choose Poochtopia, rest assured that your dog will receive the utmost care and attention. We go the extra mile to ensure that every moment your furry companion spends with us, be it during grooming or in our care, is filled with comfort and joy.


Our dedication to delivering a premium service means that we only use the finest products for your dog's well-being. We never cut corners, treating your dogs with the same love and care we shower upon our own adorable pups. So come on over to Poochtopia, where friendly faces and wagging tails await you and your four-legged family members!

**All staff are fully trained and qualified in Pet First Aid**

Dog Services in Fulham & Surrounding Areas 

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Dog Training Services 

Step into the world of our comprehensive dog training services, covering everything from puppy playfulness to addressing behavioral quirks. Immerse yourself in effective and personalized training programs that strengthen the connection with your furry friend.


For more details, click the button below to enjoy a free consultation!


Feel free to give us a friendly call anytime – we're here to ensure your dog's training journey is both enjoyable and rewarding!

Dog Grooming Services we offer

Poochtopia, your new go-to place for delightful dog grooming services in the heart of Fulham! We take pride in offering a wide range of top-quality grooming options that will leave your furry friend looking and feeling their absolute best. Here are just a few of the fantastic services we provide:


  • De-Shed: Say goodbye to pesky shedding with our expert de-shedding treatment.

  • Full Groom: Whether your pooch is small, medium, or large, our skilled groomers will pamper them from head to tail.

  • Puppy Groom (Under 6 Months): Introduce your adorable puppy to the world of grooming with our gentle and tailored puppy grooming session.

  • Wash & Go: A quick and refreshing wash to keep your dog clean and smelling wonderful.

  • Treatments: We offer specialized treatments such as ultrasonic teeth cleaning and tear stain treatment to enhance your dog's overall well-being.


At Poochtopia, we understand that every dog is unique, which is why we provide personalized care and attention to cater to their individual needs. Our friendly and experienced team is dedicated to creating a relaxing and enjoyable experience for both you and your furry companion.


So why wait? Treat your beloved dog to the pampering they deserve at Poochtopia. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and let the transformation begin!

Canine Nutrition

We take a personalised approach to canine nutrition, recognising that every dog is unique. Whether you have a puppy, adult dog, or a senior canine companion, our services are crafted to meet their specific nutritional needs. We are dedicated to enhancing your dog's overall health through optimal nutrition.

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Simple Consultation

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Dietary Consultation & Feeding Guide

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Moving to Raw Feeding

Doggy Day Care In Fulham

Give your pup a day filled with fun, socialisation, and endless tail-wagging joy at our doggy day care facility. Our team of passionate and experienced caregivers ensures that your canine companion receives the utmost care, attention, and exercise they need to thrive.

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Why Choose Poochtopia

Passionate Professionals:

Our team of dedicated dog enthusiasts who are well-versed in dog behaviour, health, and grooming techniques. Rest assured that your furry friend is in caring and capable hands.

Safe and Stimulating Environment:

Our doggy day care is designed to provide a safe and stimulating environment where dogs can socialise, play, and enjoy supervised activities. We prioritise safety and ensure that all dogs interact harmoniously.

Convenient Location:

Situated in the vibrant neighbourhood of Fulham, our centrally located facility is easily accessible, making drop-offs and pick-ups a breeze for busy pet parents.

Holistic Approach:

We believe in taking a holistic approach to dog care and grooming, considering not just their physical needs, but also their emotional well-being. A happy dog is a healthy dog!

Book Your Pooch's Paradise Experience Today!

Whether your four-legged friend needs a day of play or a grooming session fit for royalty, Poochtopia is here to exceed your expectations. Join our Poochtopia family today and give your pup the love and care they deserve.

Contact us to learn more about our services and make a reservation. Your dog's perfect day is just a wag away at Poochtopia – where tails and dreams come true!

Your Pooch's Paradise Awaits – Unleash the Happiness!

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