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Exploring Dog-Friendly Parks Near Fulham: A Pooch Paradise

Living in Fulham and looking for the perfect spot to let your furry friend roam free? Look no further! We've curated a list of dog-friendly parks in the area, ensuring a delightful experience for both you and your canine companion.


Location: South Park, Peterborough Road, Fulham, SW6 3ED

South Park, just a short 15-minute walk from Parsons Green or a breezy 20-minute stroll from Putney Bridge, welcomes dogs throughout the general park. For those pups with a less-than-perfect recall, fear not! There's a dedicated, enclosed dog area with secure gates. The thoughtful addition of two dog waste bins near the gate makes cleanup a breeze, sparing owners the awkward task of carrying waste bags around the entire park.


Location: New King’s Road, Fulham, SW6 4PT

Conveniently located on New King's Road, Eel Brook Common may not be the largest, but its mental railing fence ensures a safe play environment. Popular among dog walkers, this park offers ample opportunities for your canine companion to socialize. With well-maintained cleanliness and strategically placed trash cans for dog waste, it's an ideal spot for a quick playdate. However, proximity to the main road necessitates caution for dogs with iffy recall. A long line can provide controlled freedom for your pup.


Location: Hurlingham Park, SW6 3RH

Accessible via the tube and a short walk from Putney Bridge station, Hurlingham Park is a dog haven. The dedicated enclosed dog area guarantees worry-free playtime, complete with well-maintained grounds and benches for a leisurely lunch or picnic. On weekends, this park becomes a gathering spot for dog owners, offering a plethora of playmates for your furry friend and ample opportunities for socializing.

In your quest for the perfect dog-friendly park near Fulham, these options provide a range of experiences tailored to your pup's needs. Whether it's secure, enclosed spaces or vibrant social scenes, these parks are sure to make tails wag and create lasting memories for both you and your four-legged friend. Enjoy the great outdoors together! 🐾🌳

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