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Adolescence- Dog Training | 6 Months onwards

Step 1:

We will start with a consulation(preferably in person);

We will then discuss any issues that you as the owner is facing with your dog.

We can come up with a training plan.


In my training packages, you get direct communications with me and that continues for a month after our training program is over.

But at an additional cost we can still have direct communcations about anything to do with your training.

Step 2:

We can discuss the training plan that I will have curated for you, we can make any changes to tailor it and suit you. 

Plus I will be working on building a relationship before we even start address anything. 

Seperation Anxiety

This is a whole different can of worm.

So this will be a whole different whole different style of training and will be needing a lot more focus other than any other behavioural lessons

additional £80 on top of the total package price

Step 3: 

I will follow the training plan and work with you to help solve the any problems.

This can cover a range from: Reactivity to Nervousness to Confidence training

But this excludes Seperation Anxiety.

How much?

With most training programs, a free consultaion is very much available.

But all the training packages consist:  3,5,7,10 sessions

3 sessions will be @ £95 per session = £285 

5 sessions will be @ £90 per session = £450

7 sessions will be @ £85 per session = £595

10 sessions will be @ 80 per session = £800

1-1 Adolescence Training Includes:

  • Tailored to Your Pup's Pace
    I believe in adapting to your puppy's unique learning speed. There are no hourly charges; each session is dedicated to your pup's needs, ranging from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, ensuring optimal progress at their pace.


  • Hands-On Practical Training
    Beyond simply instructing your puppy, I'll empower you with hands-on guidance. Together, we'll navigate through essential skills, preparing your pup for real-world scenarios and a harmonious life alongside you.


  • Comprehensive Step-by-Step Instruction
    I'm committed to equipping you with foundational skills, ensuring you're proficient even when I'm not present. With each session, you'll witness tangible progress in your puppy's training journey.

  • Empathetic and Flexible Approach
    Recognising the individuality of each dog, I tailor methods to suit their temperament and your lifestyle. I prioritise your puppy's well-being, offering adaptable strategies that resonate with their needs.


  • Continuous Support
    Your journey doesn't end with our sessions. I'm always reachable via WhatsApp, ready to address any queries or concerns that arise. Count on ongoing assistance whenever you require it.


  • Customised Training Experience
    Your input matters. As a pet owner, you play an integral role in shaping the training plan. Let's collaborate to determine specific goals and areas where extra support is desired.

Sneak peek of how a lesson looks like: 

Get in Touch Now! 

Don't hesitate to get in touch now! We are always available via email and Whatsapp :) 

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