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Fulham Dog Trainers & Groomers: What Our Loyal Clients Say About Poochtopia

What our loyal clients has to say about us.... 

Maltese dog

Bernadette, Waffles

Poochtopia are the most amazing dog sitters. They look after Waffles like their own… very understanding of Waffles’ anxiety issues. I get so many updates while I am at work so I’m always reassured that my dog is having a great time and well looked after the groomer and has done a beautiful job on Waffles’ hair even though she hates being brushed. Thank you so much, from a very grateful dog-mum ❤️ 🐶

French Bulldog

Crissy, Monty

Monty always has a great time at Poochtopia! They spoil him rotten and there are always other pups around for him to play. They understand how he likes to play and when he needs to rest (he's a frenchie after all) and when he needs rest. The groomer even managed to give Monty a bath where he didn't look absolutely miserable and hating life... Great all around


Vincent, Maru

I boarded my dog for 2 weeks during Christmas holiday, and he was so well taken care Poochtopia throughout the period. I would receive constant updates of my dog on a daily basis from them which made my mind at ease while I was away. They also made my dog a birthday cake on his birthday which is around Christmas period, and treated him with some home-made festive meals for the holiday! Therefore, I highly recommend Poochtopia to all the dog parents out there looking for day care/grooming/boarding services as they are extremely responsible, responsive and caring.


Grace, Bubu Bear 

We’re happy you were able to accommodate Bu’s first hairstyle. Let’s see how we can develop the schnauzer look! We are just happy to get him trimmed and clean before his procedure on Tuesday. And thanks for his cleaning his teeth for free! We are so happy! We would also like to join the Day Care soon. Thanks again.

Long hair dachshunds

Lucia, Poppy & Pepe

Poppy and Pepe loves Poochtopia! He always has the best time when at their place and looks forward to coming back!


Not only he gets to enjoy their company and attention, but also plays with other lovely doggies, relaxes in their comfy beds and receives lots of treatos.


As a dog owner who is very attached to her dog, I could not trust them more and feel more relaxed when Poppy is with them. Plus, we keep receiving multiple updates, videos and pics of Poppy and Pepe and get to see how much he is enjoying his stay.


Natalie, Matcha

I could not recommend Poochtopia more highly! We have been blown away by their level of expertise, communicativeness, friendliness, and dedication to ensuring the best experience possible for our dog. Our gorgeous Pom has been to Poochtopia both for a groom and as a daycare visitor. The groom was exceptional - he came back very happy and relaxed with no knots, brushed through very thoroughly, and trimmed exactly as we had discussed. He'd never looked better and we will be coming back! During daycare, they  have been extremely receptive to lots (and lots) of information on our Pom's preferences and routine, and they've done everything possible make sure he has a wonderful time. Getting lots of photos and video updates of him walking, playing with friends etc. has been such a delight - they are really treating him as one of their own. We could not them recommend more!

"Absolutely incredible trusted service! My labradoodle has been to several groomers and never has she come out of a dog salon with her coat looking so shiny and healthy, normally dog groomers see a knot in the hair and decide to shave all the fur but not with Poochtopia they delicately work their way around the knots and trim the fur rather than shaving. Getting a trusted dog groomer is very hard so Poochtopia was such a great find - recommend to all, a great and trusted service! Very knowledgeable about the well-being that goes into a dog's coat that is not just external shampoos!"

Tom, Missy

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